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Rules #

If you wanna share links of an under 18 girl's sets/vids for profit please do so on /cg/ (make sure to mention the model name and set number if posting content from known studios)

If you wanna share links of random images for multiple under 18 amateurs/candids for profit, please do so on /jb/

If you wanna share links of sets/vids for under 18 whether models or amateurs for free, please do so in /mir/. You can also do it in 155chan's /hebe/ if you're not starting a new thread

(Only hosts that have no affiliate/premium/"make money"/shekeleer program such as those are considered free. Anything else is not allowed in /mir/ and /hebe/)

If you wanna start a new thread for sharing under 18 images (without links) please do so in /hebe/ or 144chan's mir or 180chan's /mir/

If you wanna upload small vids under 8MB (i.e without file links) you can do so on 155chan's /hebe/ (youtube embedding working again)

If you wanna answer a request on /mir/ with your shekeleer link, first post the link on /cg/ and then link to it in /mir/ without a preview image. Never post shekeleer links directly in /mir/ or /hebe/

Replicating the same thread/link/request across more than one chan is considered spamming, and so is hijacking the threads of others in /cg/ or /jb/ (just start your own thread). Shekeleers are also not allowed to false-bump by repeating their content within less than 3 months, nor to post less than a full set/vid per post in /cg/.

If you wanna share 18+ whether models or amateurs, and whether for profit or for free, please do so on /sw/

If you have a question or suggestion related to the chan please ask on /spam/ or /disc/ or email us

If you wanna discuss general topics including personal experiences and opinions please do so on /hebe/ or 144chan's /mir/ or 180chan's /mir/

If you wanna advertise your ontopic site, only do so one time in /spam/ and /disc/ subs, and only after adding our micro tags to your site

Per the EU's 'Right to be forgotten' directive do not request or post social media accounts for models who were last active 5+ years ago

If you're tired of too many hops/captchas/premiumOnly/slowDLs in one of the for-profit sharing sections (/cg/ & /jb/) read this to learn how to constructively vent your anger. Posting unshekeled/unwrapped links on /cg/ is forbidden (unless the file is premium only) and so is bitching about javascript and security outside the discussion subs

For under 18 we allow everything except hardcore & uncensored vaginas

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